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4x4 Vietnam_New-water-filter-for-primary-school-in-Thai-Nguyen

New water filter for a kindergarten in Thai Nguyen, Vietnam. Photo: CWS

In all CWS projects across Southeast Asia – integrated rural community development, especially WASH and nutrition as well as disaster risk reduction and mitigation – are designed and implemented with a focus on children’s best interests, rights and needs.

Laila is an Afghan refugee now under CWS protection in a group home for girls and women in Jakarta, which the Australian government funds. Because of World Refugee Day, we now know that she does not just paint and draw; she also markets! Here she is talking about her work with a potential buyer who asked about her painting – which he then bought. Well done, Laila!

In Indonesia, CWS supports an initiative to protect children who are in Jakarta as asylum seekers and refugees. In addition to support for young children seeking refuge along with their families, CWS has a strong shelter and protection project for unaccompanied asylum-seeking children, mostly young teenagers, who find their way to Jakarta on their own. About 200 such children live in five group homes (shelters) in several Jakarta neighborhoods, and they are supported to have the basics for safe daily living by CWS and a number of other groups, including local police. In addition, these children have educational opportunities, recreational activities and access to psychosocial and healthcare services.

Students from a CCT school take part in a workshop on child protection and internet safety

Students from a CCT school (Thailand) take part in a workshop on child protection and internet safety. Photo: CWS

CWS supports the Church of Christ in Thailand’s Office of Child Protection as The Church continues promoting a positive, proactive Code of Conduct for Child Safeguarding for all its members: churches, schools, orphanages, universities and hospitals. The aim is to have a fully ‘child safe’ organization.

The NEW IDEA project in Vietnam has a particular focus on child protection awareness-raising because of the potential harm that the ethnic minority communities with which we work face regard child trafficking.

Countries: Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam

Latest News

Child Safeguarding Grows as a Priority for The Church of Christ in Thailand

CWS Thailand | November 22, 2020

In mid-November, CWS Thailand’s child safeguarding team led its third successful Code of Conduct Writers’ Workshop. The gathering included 22 people from two church districts and four schools of The Church of Christ in Thailand Foundation. At the end of their two days together, participants better understood the importance of having child safeguarding measures. Both […]

CWS Joins The Church of Christ in Thailand in Celebrating Its First Official Child-safe Church District

CWS Thailand | October 24, 2020

A Vocational Course Helps A Girl Child Follow Her Dream

CWS Cambodia | October 11, 2020

In honor of #DayoftheGirl, meet 15-year-old Sreynong (pictured on the right). She lives with her widowed mother in western Cambodia. The family grows an herb called culantro in a small home garden and sells it in order to earn a living, but it’s never enough. Sometimes they don’t have enough food, and Sreynong dropped out […]

CWS Partner, The Church of Christ in Thailand, Leads the Way for Child Safe Places Nationwide

CWS Thailand | March 4, 2020

Recently, Church District 5 of The Church of Christ (CCT) in Thailand Foundation was the first Church District in all of Thailand to formally approve a Child Safeguarding Code of Conduct. Their document is based on the 2016 Code of Conduct approved by the CCT Executive Committee, and it will be used in all District […]

Nofi’s Uncle Supports Her Will To Have Power Over Her Life

CWS Indonesia | December 31, 2019

Nofrita Eky, who goes by Nofi, is a 19-year-old girl who has lives with her grandmother and uncle. When she was 14, Nofi’s father died and, to make ends meet, her mother moved to a community about 4-hours away from Nofi, to work as a teacher. So, while she is sad to not be with […]

Child Safeguarding Networking Conference

CWS Thailand |

In November, the CWS Thailand Child Safeguarding team hosted a Child Safeguarding Networking Conference for the second ‘generation’ of Church of Christ in Thailand schools and church districts that are implementing the 2016 CCT Code of Conduct for Child Safeguarding, starting is 2020. Representatives from eight schools and two church districts came together to learn, […]

A Teacher Learns To Talk with Her Students About Their Reproductive Health

CWS Vietnam | December 30, 2019

In northern Vietnam, CWS partners with Trung Ha commune leaders and villagers on an integrated development project (New IDEA). A key focus of the partnership is life skills education and development for ethnic minority children, especially those in lower secondary (junior high) school. CWS focuses on these grades in recognition of ethnic minority people’s practice […]

“We are more confident now!”

CWS Vietnam | November 27, 2019

by Tran Van Thang, CWS Vietnam Project Officer. “When you came to teach us, we learned how to lead awareness-raising discussion with other students.” – Ha Ngoc Linh, Communications Interest Group member. When I heard this from Linh, a student at Muong Kim commune Primary School, following an info session about human trafficking risks and […]

Child-safe Schools and Churches Expand in The Church of Christ in Thailand

CWS Thailand | November 26, 2019

In early October, The Church of Christ in Thailand Child Safeguarding Code of Conduct project team visited Padungraat School in Pitsanulok Province in northern Thailand. Their mission was to support further development of their Code of Conduct for child safeguarding, which they had first drafted during the Writers’ Workshop in September. The school organized well […]

CWS – Church of Christ in Thailand Partnership for Child Safeguarding

CWS Thailand | October 27, 2019

CWS continues to partner with The Church of Christ in Thailand to expand child safeguarding measures in churches and schools in several provinces. While it will be some time until the initiative reaches all 1,879 churches, 29 schools and eight hospitals in 22 CCT districts across Thailand, our Child Safeguarding Program Officers, Ponsawan (Cake) Laisuwan […]

NGO Cooperation Extends Child Safeguarding/ Protection in Vietnam

CWS Vietnam | October 25, 2019

Recently, the CWS team in Vietnam announced a partnership with Football for All in Vietnam, which is a non-government group founded to expand children’s development, especially girls, through sport. In the coming year, with funding and technical help from Football for All, CWS will use football (soccer), Vietnam’s favorite sport, as a platform to raise […]

Settling in and Getting to Work for the Future

CWS Indonesia | October 3, 2019

Roble (not his real name) was born in a small town about 25 kilometers from Somalia’s capital, Mogadishu. Roble’s family was part of a minority clan and, in a country where clan is more esteemed than nationality, Roble’s clan faced discrimination … and worse. For example, one day men from the area’s majority clan attacked […]

NGO Cooperation Extends Positive Environmental Impact in Vietnam

CWS Vietnam |

By Ngo Quoc Dung, CWS Vietnam Country Representative. “It’s amazing! We can now make it!”. This is the feedback from some young people who joined in a recent CWS-led technical training to learn how to build reduced-smoke stoves. Several months ago, CWS partners in Than Uyen district invited colleagues from Plan International, Live & Learn, […]

Empowering Youth to Protect Their Own Health

CWS Indonesia |

Christina ‘Intan’ Nitbani, is a 14-year-old student in a small rural village in West Timor, Indonesia. She is the youngest of three children and an only daughter. Intan, like most girls her age, and even much older, are not well informed about their basic biology and health. “Sex and reproduction are taboo topics here”, said […]

CWS – Church of Christ in Thailand Partnership for Child Safeguarding Grows

CWS Thailand | September 30, 2019

On September 6th, the CWS Child Safeguarding team visited Dara Academy in Chiang Mai and met with 12 school representatives, including guidance officers, chaplains, the school nurse and the elementary and secondary heads. The team visited to follow up on the Code of Conduct Writers’ Workshop by reviewing the latest Dara Academy-specific code of conduct, […]

New Kwai River Christian Hospital Construction Moves Forward with Khun Pranote As a Driving Force

CWS Thailand | August 27, 2019

Pranote Buskornreungrat has been with Kwai River Christian Hospital for seven years. He takes pride in the fact that the hospital employs the only full-time surgeon in a 150 mile radius. As importantly, the surgeon, like all Hospital staff, treat patients from all walks of life, and both sides of the Thai-Burma border, whether they […]

Partnership with local Women’s Union for raising community awareness

CWS Vietnam |

By Pham Cong Tuan, CWS Vietnam Project Officer. Recently I joined a workshop my CWS colleagues and I organized to raise community awareness about the risks and prevention of child marriage in Hung My commune. Our leader was Dang Thi Ghen from the commune’s Women’s Union. And, since the topic was a sensitive one for […]

CWS – Church of Christ in Thailand Partnership for Child Safeguarding Grows

CWS Thailand | August 26, 2019

In early 2019, the CWS Child Safeguarding team, which is seconded to the Office of Child Protection at The Church of Christ in Thailand, traveled to Sangkhlaburi to meet community leaders from the Church district, which hosts a school, many churches and the Kwai River Christian Hospital. The meeting’s aim was to support all Church […]

Getting to The End

CWS Vietnam | July 31, 2019

By Tran Van Thang, Vietnam Project Officer. Lo Thi Minh Vi is a young girl of Thai ethnicity who studies in class 2A8 of satellite primary school in Phuc Than commune in northern Vietnam. When I sat down to talk to her last month, she told me that “Before my classmates and I found library […]

The Church of Christ in Thailand Makes Strides Toward Its Child Safeguarding Code of Conduct

CWS Thailand | July 30, 2019

This month (July 2019), our Thailand Child Safeguarding team partnered with the Office of Child Protection of the Church of Christ in Thailand (CCT) for an inaugural Code of Conduct for Child Safeguarding Writer’s Workshop. The two-day gathering made time and space for all communities in the “first generation” network to develop their locally-relevant code […]

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