Child Safeguarding Code of Conduct In Karen Language Is Issued by CCT and CWS

CWS Thailand | October 17, 2017

Members of west-central Thailand CCT leadership meet with Ms. Mankhong (left of screen) and Pastor Yohan (right of screen) to hear details of the Child Safeguarding Code of Conduct, which Church leadership adopted in 2016 for all church members to follow in its affiliated schools, orphanages, universities, hospitals and parishes. Photo: CWS

Recently, CWS colleagues Suchawalee (Bon) Mankhong and Ponsawan (Cake) Lysoowan, who are seconded to work with the Office of Child Protection at The Church of Christ in Thailand, traveled to west-central Thailand to lead an information-sharing session about the CCT Child Safeguarding Code of Conduct.

Since many church members in the six Thai provinces whose leaders joined the workshop are from ethnic minority groups, especially Karen, the Code of Conduct document was translated into Karen language, and the session was co-led by Pastor Yohan Dumrongpanawan from the Sangklaburi church.

During the Q&A session, after the document was reviewed, everyone shared appreciation for a better understanding of the Code of Conduct itself, and for the issues it addresses, which they will share in their communities and churches throughout the six provinces, especially with parents. Several people said they would love to partner more with the CWS/CCT child safeguarding team for more awareness-raising and understanding, which Bon and Cake are happy to hear, and stand ready to share more.

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