CWS Bring Timely Help to Many Families in Vietnam

By Nguyen Thi Lan Anh, Vietnam Administrative and Program Support Officer | September 19, 2018

Mr Hin receives an emergency hygiene kit for his son’s family. Photo: CWS

I met Chao Kien Hin, a 66-year-old man from the Dao ethnic group during a recent emergency relief materials distribution event and was pleased that he took some time to tell me about his son’s family, which was greatly affected in one of our recent severe rainstorms. Here is what Mr. Hin told me: while his son’s family was sleeping the night of the landslide, the house literally collapsed and was buried as the mountain slid away behind the house. Since he lived nearby, Mr. Hin, his wife, and their neighbors were able to rush and dig the family out from the mud and debris and rush them to the closest clinic where they stayed for 12 days. While his son, daughter-in-law and grandchildren were still in the clinic, Mr. Hin learned that there would be some help for the family, which had literally lost everything. Among other basics, including some Government cash assistance, there was a hygiene kit and 500-liter (132 gallon) water container from CWS that Mr. Hin walked 5 kilometers (3 miles) through the forest to get for his son’s family.

Anxiety was apparent on the old man’s face when he said this to me and other CWS team members gathered to support all the families needing help, “My son’s family is still tired and in pain; their house and belongings are gone, and our whole family’s crops are almost all gone, too. My wife and I worry a lot how they will recover; as elderly people, we do not know how to help them. So, thanks to the help of government agencies, kind neighbors and relatives and supporters like you, my son’s family will manage to recover. Tomorrow, I will start working with the leader of our village and, together with others, we will build a temporary house for my son’s family”.

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