CWS Partner, The Church of Christ in Thailand, Leads the Way for Child Safe Places Nationwide

CWS Thailand | March 4, 2020

    CWS-CCT Child Safeguarding team with the CCT District Five team. Pastor Thirakit is at the top right in the photo. Photo: CWS

    Recently, Church District 5 of The Church of Christ (CCT) in Thailand Foundation was the first Church District in all of Thailand to formally approve a Child Safeguarding Code of Conduct. Their document is based on the 2016 Code of Conduct approved by the CCT Executive Committee, and it will be used in all District 5 church communities. Since 2015, a six-member team, who work for both Church World Service (CWS) and the CCT, have led an initiative for all CCT schools, churches and hospitals to be known as “child safe” places. Pastor Thirakit, who serves on both the Church’s national and District 5 child safeguarding committees was instrumental in championing the Code of Conduct through his church district’s Executive Committee. He is an inspiration to the CWS-CCT child safeguarding team, and he is a role model for all CCT leaders!

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