Empowering Emiliani

CWS Indonesia | December 30, 2019

    Emiliani and her daughter in their garden. Photo: CWS

    Emiliani is a 44-year-old housewife, mother and farmer from Balombong village. In 2018, Emiliani joined KSPP Anggrek, a women-run savings and loan group. Anggrek is supported by the CWS Disaster Risk Reduction through Enhanced Adaptive Measures (DREAM) project, which helps families build their resilience. One way DREAM works is by supporting women farmers to organize savings and loans groups so they can help each other as they adapt to their changing lies – particularly as changing climates increasingly affect their farm lives.

    CWS main support to the women’s groups by helping members learn to manage their groups by learning basic group organizational and bookkeeping skills. The opportunity for continual learning is important to Emiliani. “I never miss a group meeting because the opportunity to learn new things is so great. Not to mention the friendships that bloomed within our group. With each passing month we continue motivating each other to grow our in-comes”. Emiliani, like many of her peers, grows the family income by farming.

    Knowing this, another way CWS helps families change their lives is by sharing climate-adapted farming practices with KSPP Anggrek group members. After learning how to make organic compost, fertilizers and pesticides, Emiliani watched the vegetables in her garden flourish. Encouraged by this, Emiliani decided to plant during the dry season too, which not very many families do. So, Emiliani can always share her vegetables at the market or to her neighbors. From the first dry season harvest, she got 750,000 Rupiah ($54) and her neighbors and KSPP Anggrek members are all motivated to follow in Emiliani’ s footsteps.

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