Momentum Grows for The Church of Christ in Thailand’s Child Safeguarding Initiative

CWS Thailand | June 13, 2017

CCT Child Safeguarding team and Leslie Wilson, CWS Asia Regional Coordinator (second from right). Photo: CWS

Left to Right: Thai Child Safeguarding Team Ponsawan Lysoowan and Suchawalee Mankhong with Child Safeguarding Project Manager, Dan Djamaludin. Photo: CWS

Now that The Church of Christ in Thailand has finalized its Child Safeguarding Code of Conduct, CWS is supporting a follow-on initiative for three child safeguarding specialists to reach out to communities within the Church – schools, hospitals and congregations – to review and understand the details of the Code of Conduct. Altogether, the Church has 20 districts nationwide with about 1,200 congregations, 28 schools, two universities and eight hospitals, and the child safeguarding team is working initially with one hospital, two schools and two congregations in two locations: Sangkhlaburi in rural west-central Thailand near the Myanmar border and the Ratchathewi District in central Bangkok. So far outreach activities have been enthusiastically received and great energy for sharing the initiative has been forthcoming from pastors and other Church leaders.

And, while the teams’ efforts continue to build momentum with leadership and support from the senior-level Child Safeguarding Committee, the General Secretary also asked the Child Safeguarding Specialists to join a Diakonia-funded initiative within the Church to start a dialogue about the complex issue of gender-based violence. Noting the inter-connectivity of the issues, and recognizing the success of the team to far, Elder Surapong decided that he would like to ensure synergy between the two initiatives – and to take advantage of the Specialists’ energy and commitment to expanding the reach and impact of our shared work to ensure that The CCT is a safe and nurturing environment, in all its institutions, and among all its members.

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