More Food for the Family … To Start

CWS Timor-Leste | October 23, 2018

The Nunes family. Photo: CWS

Arcanjo Nunes lives in Lebucailite hamlet (aldeia), which has just 45 families who are mostly poor subsistence farmers like Mr. Nunes and his wife, who grow vegetables to sell in the market to support themselves and their five children. Mr. Nunes also works as a wage laborer when there is work, so the family income varies quite a bit from one month to the next, depending on how well the vegetables grow and if Mr. Nunes is able find work. On average, Mr. and Mrs. Nunes, earn between $20 and $30 a month, so life is hard for the family – which is why they were prioritized to join the Timor Zero Hunger initiative that CWS recently introduced in Timor-Leste.

Now, with technical and material support from CWS, Mr. Nunes is raising chickens, mainly to increases the amount of food the family has, and, eventually, to supplement their income. “So far one hen has already laid 12 eggs, which we ate. I might sell some once I have more eggs, but for now we will eat them,” says Mr. Nunes. “I’m happy about the support from CWS. After I built a chicken coop – which I learned how to do with advice and guidance from CWS staff – I got a hen and a rooster, which our district agricultural extension worker helped me vaccinate properly. Since I am only a wage laborer and my income is very small, I expect that raising chickens will bring a lot of benefits for me and my family. I will soon join others from Lebucailite to learn about vegetable gardening improvements, and after that I hope CWS will continue to support us,” he added, to work our way out of hunger, at least, if not poverty.

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