My Family’s Situation Is Getting Better

CWS Cambodia | December 26, 2018

Mein’s family now has plenty of vegetables to eat and surplus to sell! Photo: CWS

Mein and his family. Photo: CWS

Duch Mein is 44 years old and he is married to Un Phun, who is 47, and with whom he has four children. The family lives in Tumpung Cheung village, Battambang province western Cambodia, where the family’s staple food – which is never enough for a full year – comes from farming on a half-hectare of rice. Because of the family’s very grim situation, beginning this year, Mein was prioritized by his community to join CWS-supported Promoting Better Lives development activities so he could improve the family’s situation by raising fish and growing vegetable around his home.

With support from CWS partner, Rural Development Association, Mein’s work has shown that the investment was well worthwhile. Now, the family has fish and vegetables to eat; and, they have some surplus to sell for profit. So far, the family has earned just under 300,000 Riel ($70) from their first fish catch and cucumber harvest. This is just the beginning, and they will have more fish to sell next month. And so, if Mein stays focused and diligent, he will earn more money to buy rice and other essential foods they could never afford before.

Now, Mein is very happy because he has had the opportunity to gain knowledge and experience, and in talking with us last week he said this, “My family’s situation is getting better. I have skills and knowledge about fish raising and vegetable growing. And, I have income! I am proud that I can be part of a producer group with other farmers. I thank CWS and Rural Development Association for this support and opportunity”.

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