Reaching a Remote and At-Risk Community with HIV-AIDS Information

CWS Timor-Leste | May 8, 2017

Afonso Silva Concenção. Photo: CWS

HIV testing. Photo: CWS

Recently the CWS Timor Leste team traveled with a national army (F-FDTL) colleague to remote and isolated Oecusse to share HIV information with F-FDTL personnel stationed there. Though part of Timor Leste, Oecusse is surrounded by Indonesia and can only be reached by boat from Dili (or by air or overland through Indonesia). This isolation means that information, including information on HIV risks and prevention, is slow to reach Oecusse – which is especially problematic because of the town’s porous borders with Indonesia, which increases people’s HIV risk quite a bit. So, the work of F-FDTL HIV educator, Dr. Francisco, and the CWS team members, is especially welcome and the army Commander in Oecusse, Afonso Silva Concenção, expressed his appreciation for the outreach saying, “I am committed to sharing this vital information, which has been lacking here, with my troops and their families, and I say that we need to focus on behavior change, especially for monogamy and, without that, condom use, since these will help us prevent HIV transmission” he added.

HIV prevention info-session. Photo: CWS

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