South Sulawesi Organizations Join Communities to Build Disaster Response Awareness and Skills

CWS Indonesia | November 27, 2019

    Participants practice basic first aid skills. Photo: CWS

    Practicing CPR. Photo: CWS

    In mid-October, CWS joined Pusbinlat Toraja Church and the South Sulawesi Indonesian Red Cross Society to lead First Aid skill-building activities with the Lembang Disaster Preparedness Team and Disaster Risk Reduction Forum. The activities included an information exchange as well as hands-on learning for saving lives, preventing disabilities and providing comfort and support during emergency response. “By knowing First Aid, people can prevent serious injury and death”, said Andi Syamsir, a Red Cross Society expert facilitator. As testimony to Andi’s statement, one villager leader added, “Since we are prone to disasters in our area, this information is very beneficial to our Disaster Preparedness Team”.

    CWS staff who know the village leader were pleased to support him further in continuing past years’ work to expand his leadership in preparing his village for the next inevitable disaster.

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    Practicing First Aid. Photo: CWS

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