CWS Responds to Western Japan’s Floods: Emergency Appeal Issued and Early Recovery Work Begins

CWS Japan | July 21, 2018

HuMA and other partners of CWS Japan in front of trailer medical vehicle. Photo: CWS

Inside Mabi town in Okayama Prefecture, disaster debris is still piling up and reminding everyone of the recovery challenges ahead. All the debris must be cleared before people can to start rebuilding their homes, and many people’s emotional and physical recovery is just happening now. To first address the human challenge, HuMA, CWS partner in this effort, has stepped up its medical check-ups from a trailer outside evacuation centers. In fact, the ‘centers’ are schools appropriated for flood-affected families and individuals to rest, eat and sleep each evening once they return from sorting out their home situations during the day. Being nearby, HuMA staff can also so check-ups or respond to emergencies during the night time if there are people who were injured or are ill from exhaustion after their day-time clean-up efforts.

Another cause of fatigue for many adults comes from the staff and volunteers of the many different government agencies and private voluntary organizations who are arriving to help – but all needing the same information and asking the same questions, repeatedly. To try to help address this, CWS Japan is working with a few other key partners to improve information management in the shelters, not only to streamline information-sharing for those seeking to help but also to let families know where they can get help to search for missing friends and relatives, how to access government compensation and support for rebuilding their homes and, for mothers and grandmothers, especially, where to find nursery and day care services, which are gradually opening.

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