Transitioning Project Leadership: HIV Awareness to Be Led by Government Partners in Timor-Leste

CWS Timor-Leste | August 18, 2018

National Navy and Army doctors preparing for the Knowledge Attitudes and Practice survey. Photo: CWS

In preparing to transition leadership for years of HIV education and treatment work to its national counterpart, CWS staff noted that epidemiological information about Timor-Leste defense forces (F-FDTL) personnel is limited to info-data from behavioral surveys done by the University of New South Wales and CWS in 2008 and 2011, respectively. So, before ending its active role in this years-long initiative, CWS supported a survey of the Knowledge, Attitudes and Practice (KAP) of soldiers and sailors to update info-data and to identify changes since the 2011 survey.

In July a small team of F-FDTL medical personnel, who are familiar with the HIV prevention program, learned
about data collection for the survey and then did several days of field work at military bases nationwide. “I really appreciate this KAP survey,” said Dr. Elvis, one doctor who led the KAP survey. “This the first time that we had an opportunity to participate in KAP info-data collection. I learned a lot of new things that will benefit me and my army and navy colleagues in the future.” Using a tablet computer for interviews was a new experience for the survey team, and it will change the F-FDTL ways of managing all its epidemiological information in the future.

KAP survey results are due in late August and will be presented to F-FDTL leadership during a project transition
workshop in September to inform planning for HIV education, prevention and treatment programs in F-FDTL after
CWS support ends that month.

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