UN OCHA Situation Report #2 on the Earthquake in Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara on 5th August 2018

Indonesia | August 7, 2018

1. In the press conference convened by BNPB today, 7 August 2018 at 13:00 hrs. the agency’s spokesperson reported that the number of victims continues to increase. Interim data collected by the BNPB Command Post recorded that 105 people died, 236 people were injured, thousands of houses were damaged and thousands of people are scattered in various locations. It is estimated that the number of victims and the amount of damage due to the earthquake will continue to increase considering that it has not been possible for the Joint SAR teams to reach all of the affected areas. Out of 105 casualties, North Lombok District is the most affected area where 78 people died. A further 16 people died in West Lombok, 4 in Mataram City, 3 in East Lombok, 2 in Central Lombok and 2 in Denpasar City. Most of the victims died because of collapsed buildings. All dead victims are Indonesian citizens. So far there has been no record of death of any foreigner due to the earthquake. Data collection continues to be carried by the authorities.

2. The joint SAR teams are led by the national search and rescue agency (BASARNAS) and consist of personnel from TNI, the Police and volunteers. They continue their efforts on evacuation, search and rescue. BNPB reported that the number of displaced people cannot be ascertained yet and that assistance cannot be distributed evenly at this point. In addition to limited logistics capacity for delivery of assistance, the scattered locations of IDPs is complicating distribution of aid, especially in North Lombok District. BNPB reported that electricity is still down in North Lombok District and parts of East Lombok District due to the damage of infrastructure and relay stations. Five bridges are damaged causing difficulties in distributing aid. Socio-economic activities have been stopped and disaster-affected people are relying, for the time being on humanitarian assistance. Communication services remain patchy hampered.

3. Meanwhile, the evacuation of tourists on Gili Terawangan, Gili Air and Meno is ongoing. Some 4,600 tourists and citizens have been evacuated to North Lombok District using 11 ships. The initiative to evacuate the tourists came from themselves due to panic following the earthquake and tsunami warning, and the circulation of hoax information. The evacuation was facilitated by the authorities. It is worth noting that hoax information is complicating the situation and generating unnecessary concern among citizens and tourists. Earthquakes cannot be predicted with any certainty on magnitude, or location. Aftershocks will certainly occur but generally with smaller intensity. Until 17:00 hrs Western Indonesia Time on 6 August there had been 172 aftershocks with smaller intensity. People and tourists in West Nusa Tenggara and Bali are urged to remain calm and increase their alertness.

4. In addition to the support provided by BNPB (reported yesterday), government efforts include:
• The Indonesian Armed Forces (TNA) has deployed 387 army personnel, mobilized three frigates for providing medical services, and 100 navy personnel from their health and SAR teams. The army is also providing a daily Hercules transporter plane from Halim Jakarta airport to Lombok which is carrying humanitarian aid from all sources free of charge.
• The Indonesian Policy Force has deployed 400 personnel, five health teams (60 people) and two helicopters.
• The Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing plans to make artesian wells for displaced people, and has sent 16 water hydrants of 2,000 litre each, 30 hydrants of 1,000 litre each and 26 units of portable toilets.
• The Ministry of Communication and Information: is providing alternative communication networks through portable VSAT with 1 Mb capacity, in addition to four other units already installed.
• The Ministry of Health deployed 87 medical personnel.
• The Ministry of Social Affairs is providing compensation for families of Rp.15 million in the case of death of a family member and Rp.2.5 million for those who have suffered injuries.
• PT PELNI (a state-owned shipping company – https://www.pelni.co.id/.) provides free transportation from Surabaya to Lombok for humanitarian assistance.
• The Ministry of Tourism activated the Crises Centre Team. (See below for contact info).
• PLN (state-owned electricity company) is working to urgently repair the electricity in stages. Until today, 25 per cent of the electricity system in Lombok is still down, while in Sumbawa and Bima it has been returned to normal.
• Pertamina (state-owned fuel company) has activated its Disaster Task Force and is providing fuel assistance, ambulances and liquid gas for common kitchens. The company is also standing by to assist in distribution of fuel so as to ensure that there are no shortages that hamper the relief operation.
• Garuda Indonesia (the state-owned airline) has opened additional flight services from Lombok International Airport for Lombok-Denpasar to quickly help passengers who would like to leave Lombok and prevent a bottle-neck at the airport. Garuda also provides a 50 per cent discount for transportation of humanitarian aid to Lombok.

5. In support of the Government-led response, the Indonesian Red Cross and a number of NGOs have ramped up pre-existing operations (following the earlier earthquake a week ago). Who, what, where information is in the process of being compiled by the Protection and Displacement Cluster with interim information in the attached excel file, which provides an overview of the support, contact persons, area of work for a number of agencies. Additional information has been received from others and the table will be updated and recirculated both here and via the whatsapp group mentioned below.

6. Coordination:
• There is a daily Command Post Coordination Meeting in Madayin Village, East Lombok, at 16:00 hrs. The contact person is Bapak Eddy Purba, BNPB, at+6281219345275. BNPB has opened facilitation posts to assist in the delivery of assistance in Mataram City, East Lombok, West Lombok and North Lombok districts.
• The first field coordination meeting of the National Cluster for Displacement and Protection, was held on 7 August at 16:30 hrs. in Lapangan Tanjung, North Lombok. The contact person for the displacement and protection cluster is Mr. Iyan Kusmadiyana, +6281931458272.
• At the national level, Displacement and Protection Cluster will have its second coordination meeting tomorrow, 8 August, at 14:00 hrs. in IOM’s office in Jakarta (Sampoerna Strategic Square North Tower 12A). Those who would like to join by Skype should contact Ms. Idha Kurniasih, (Tel: +6281314303639). For field level coordination and information exchange, a WhatsApp Group is already set up and is being used. Humanitarian agencies can join this group by clicking this link: https://chat.whatsapp.com/invite/5OF7R45rNEGJwpaWHD9tS9.

7. Contact persons in Lombok and Bali from whom further information on the response operation and related coordination arrangements can be obtained are as follows:

• BNPB Lead-Deployed in Lombok-Bapak Wisnu Widjaja, Deputy for Prevention and Preparedness +628129293223
• Pusdalops (Emergency Operations Centre)-BPBD West Sumbawa District-Bapak Wawan +6281915922330
• TRC (Emergency Response Team)-North Lombok District-Bapak Sauki +6285319329440
• TRC BNPB in East Lombok-East Lombok District-Bapak Eddy Purba +6281219345275
• Pusdalops BPBD-Mataram City-Bapak Agus +6289620455712
• BPBD Office-North Lombok District-Bapak Iwan +6281907112244
• Pusdalops BPBD-Badung Disctrict, Bali-Bapak Bagus Surya +628113894000
• Tourist Crisis Centre Team-Dessy Ruhati, Deputy Director for Tourism Crisis Management +62 81221702739; dessyregar@yahoo.co.id
• Ministry of Social Affairs-Deployed in Lombok-Bapak Margowiyono, Director for Social Protection of Natural Disaster Affected People +6281386191165
• Ministry of Social Affairs-Deployed in Lombok-Bapak Iyan Kusmadiana +6281931458272

8. BNPB and BPBD will provide regular updates on the emergency response operation as well as emerging needs. Further information can be found at the BNPB website: www.bnpb.go.id/berita . Additional updates can be found by following BNPB’s spokesperson’s twitter account https://twitter.com/Sutopo_PN . The AHA Centre is also providing flash updates, which can be found here: https://ahacentre.org/flash-updates/ .

9. No requirement for international assistance is foreseen at this time according to the National Disaster Management Agency.

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