“We are no longer worried about not having enough food to eat”.

CWS Cambodia | August 27, 2019

Hon feeding her brood. Photo: CWS

Hon making chicken feed. Photo: CWS

Promoting Better Lives partner, Rural Development Association, works with families and communities by helping them know how to improve their diets to be more nutritious, especially for young children. And, they have helped families work to earn extra income by selling their surplus home-grown produce, eggs and fish so they can further improve their diets by buying additional foods they do not have at home.

One family helped by our partners is that of Bouy Hon, who is 58. Her husband Loem Choeum is 68. They live in Chrouy Sdau village in western Cambodia; they do not own land. The couple has two married daughters who have their own families and cannot help their parents financially as they age. So, as he nears age 70, Choeum works as a wage laborer on others’ farms earning about $10 a when it is rice planting or harvesting time.

Because of their difficult situation, two years ago, Hon was invited to join our “signature” way of helping. First, she received basic information and training about chicken-raising, including cage preparation and healthy feed-making plus disease prevention through vaccination and best practice feeding. Next, when she was ready to raise her own brood, Hon was given five hens and 20 chicks to expand her backyard duck-raising business. Quickly, she had good results by using all she had learned from the RDA training. She doubled her earnings from selling ducks and brought the family income up to about $1 a day from her sales. This added security to the seasonal wages Choeum earned, which allowed them to improve their diets and made them very happy.

Last month during a visit from CWS team members, Hon thanked us for the support that made it possible for her to work at home to earn money to complement her husband’s income. Hon told us that even though they have been very poor all their lives, and managed to raise their daughters well, our recent support is the first time in their entire lives that they have been helped by anyone. She added, “I am so happy with this support. Finally, our lives are improving, and we are no longer worried about not having enough food to eat. Thank you”.

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