We DREAM to Become a Climate Resilient Community

CWS Indonesia | March 15, 2018

Frederik Kumbun (3rd from the left) accompanying members of the Tani Barana women farmers group in North Belau village as they transplant rice seedlings . Photo: CWS

Living in a remote area prone to landslides and far from any town or city, people in North Belau village in South Sulawesi face many challenges. Frederik Kumbun has been North Belau’s leader for more than 10 years, and during this time the 47-year-old has seen his village become more vulnerable than ever to disasters and the impacts of climate change. For example, he says, “I receive many complaints about landslides into the river that the cause flooding of farmland, destroying crops. But [even though I am the village head] I was at a loss as to what we can do about this.” But now, “after learning about the DREAM project and the work [a local organization has been doing in the area], I realize that there are ways to make North Belau more resilient to disasters.”

DREAM stand for Disaster Resilience through Enhanced Adaptive Measures and it is a project that CWS and a local organization started by the Toraja Church – PUSBINLAT Motivator – are leading in Tana Toraja district to help families and communities build adaptive capacities, reduce risks from climate change, and become more resilient through a community-based climate change adaptation approach.

Now Frederik says, “I fully support the DREAM project and appreciate the helping hand PUSBINLAT Motivator and CWS are lending our village. [With their support, and our hard work], our dream is to become a climate resilient community so our lives will be better in the future!”

PUSBINLAT Motivator received the ACT Alliance Disaster Risk Reduction – Climate Change Adaptation Award 2017 and CWS is honored and inspired to partner with them alongside the people of North Belau and other villages across Tana Toraja district.

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