Winter melon help improving family’s nutrition

CWS Cambodia | October 18, 2016


Chhundy with her winter melon. Photo: CWS

In 2015, Chhundy joined an educational workshop led by a CWS team member. She learned how to grow different, more nutritious vegetables, like sponge gourd, broccoli and winter melon. Chhundy chose to grow winter melon, which is more affordable to grow and easier to sell than other vegetables.

Winter melon is loaded with nutritious vitamins B1, B3 and C and potassium, which is said to help maintain healthy blood pressure levels. Winter melon is used in many Khmer dishes, especially healthy soups like Samlor Korko. The gourd’s young leaves are edible as salad greens, and its seeds can be dried and fried for a snack.

With her family’s help, Chhundy sells her winter melon and earns enough to have a comfortable income in Lbaeuk. Chhundy and her family now have enough to eat each day. Their nutrition has also improved as she cooks winter melon, along with other vegetables, for her family.

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